Indie Titles for November

When I was a kid, November seemed like one long waiting period after Halloween until I could turn the calendar page to December, at which point I could start counting the days until Santa came. Now, November can be marked by a number of interesting things. You might be valiantly growing a mustache for Movember (or tolerating a loved one doing so… with a whole host of variations on “It looks great, honey” at the ready). Or, you might be frantically trying to complete your unfinished experimental urban sci-fi mystery-thriller masterpiece, which will totally make you millions of dollars once it’s discovered, for National Novel Writing Month  Perhaps both of those sounds like too much work for you, so you’re going to celebrate November as National Fun with Fondue Month, which is…apparently a thing? In any case, you can concentrate on your facial hair growing, get some inspiration for your writing, or get psyched for your fondue party, by having a listen to one of our amazing indie-authored audiobooks!



James E. Brown – Tail-End Charley: Stories from an American Fighter Pilot in World War II (History/Memoir)

In honor of Veterans Day (or Remembrance Day, for my fellow Canadians), I’d love to share with you a historical memoir written by a veteran of World War II. James E. Brown entered a teacher’s college in 1942 but soon left to become a fighter pilot serving in the American air force. He recounted his wartime experiences in a journal given to him by his mother. Despite misgivings about his ability or desire to keep a journal, he documented nearly a hundred missions flown in the European Theater. In many of these, he was the “Tail-End Charley,” the last one out.

Brown’s narrative is elegant, with style cultivated from 30 years of teaching English after the war. In this audiobook edition, it’s easy to imagine yourself as one of his students, listening raptly to his war-time stories and memories.



Dakota Krout – Dungeon Born (Science fiction / LitRPG)

To be completely fair, Dakota Krout isn’t entirely a self-published author anymore. He’s had such amazing success with his books that he started his own boutique publishing company, Mountaindale Press. He publishes his own books, as well as those of other up-and-coming authors, through this press. Today I’m highlighting his first book, Dungeon Born. It’s a fantasy novel in the LitRPG style, which, for those of you unfamiliar with this genre, stands for Literary Role Playing Game. It’s basically like reading a game – you get all the same game challenges, and often game stats like strength or damage. The story follows Cal, a soul forced against his will into a magic stone, who becomes a Dungeon Heart, a world-building being who must consume treasure-hunters to grow stronger and more powerful and to fend off a growing threat to his existence.

This is the first audiobook in the Divine Dungeon series, and fans have absolutely loved it, leaving over 8,000 ratings on Audible alone. If you count yourself among the many listeners who couldn’t get enough, look for the sequels Dungeon Madness and Dungeon Calamity, or try Krout’s other series, The Completionist Chronicles.



Thea Kelley – Get That Job! The Quick and Complete Guide to a Winning Interview (Business /Self-help)

Thea Kelley is a career services guru who brings over twenty years of experience to her practice. She owns her own business providing career marketing tools and job search strategies, and drew on this knowledge when crafting Get That Job! The Quick and Complete Guide to a Winning Interview. This audiobook is fairly short, but it packs a punch, guiding listeners through every step of the job application process. Kelley focuses on how to communicate a job-seeker’s unique strengths, explaining why employers ask certain interview questions and providing tips on how to answer them, and even addressing specialized or unusual interview formats such as video calls or behavioral interviews. She also goes beyond the interview, offering tips on following-up afterward, and the smart way to accept an offer.

This book was praised as “Excellent” by, and narrator Vanessa Daniels maintains the clear, concise nature of this book, making it an invaluable reference for job-seekers anywhere.

Written by Elizabeth Sylvia

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