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New Nonfiction Listens for May

Read by Vance, Simon  

The Inner Game reveals the secrets of chess at the highest level, from dirty tricks behind the scenes to bugged conversations, stolen tapes and sexual intrigue, and opens up the strange inner world of the Chess Grandmasters, men of a narrow but all-consuming passion.

“A wonderful achievement… so tense, so gripping and so readable.” Stephen Fry


Read by Christine Rendel  

This Very Short Introduction describes how the key players and watershed moments in labor history shaped the state of human resource management today. Adrian Wilkinson shows how human resource management covers the relations between employees and their employers, and explores the range of HR practices, processes, and line management activities.

Read by Christopher P. Brown  

A premier historian penetrates the fog of corruption and cover-up still surrounding the murder of a Stanford University founder to establish who did it, how, and why.

“[L]ikely to be the last word on the case, including a plausible solution.…This is an instant genre classic.” ― Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Read by Xe Sands  

Amid the excitement of the early twentieth century, hundreds of young women spend their days hard at work painting watch dials with glow-in-the-dark radium paint. The painters consider themselves lucky—until they start suffering from a mysterious illness. The Radium Girls: Young Readers Edition tells the unbelievable true story of these incredible women, whose determination to fight back saved countless lives.

Read by Joe Barrett

A story ultimately without a time and ultimately without a place. This is a memoir of families across generations of peace and of war, of homes that become lost and hopes that are kept, and a belief in a future that’s better than the present.

Read by Matthew Lloyd Davies  

Ex-Commando, proud dad-of-three and bestselling author of Commando Dad: Basic Training, Neil Sinclair is back with this briefing on how to inspire and entertain your kids in the great outdoors.

Read by Michael A. Singer 

The book you need right now is finally here! From beloved spiritual teacher Michael A. Singer—author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Untethered Soul—this transformative and highly anticipated guide will be your compass on an exciting new journey toward self-realization and unconditional happiness.

Living Untethered is an invaluable guide for gaining perspective of our true nature, and helping us to show up more authentically than ever.” —Light Watkins, author of Knowing Where to Look 

Read by Adam Barr 

An overview of the state of manufacturing in America, both past and present, and how this sector and the jobs it creates in essential to the American economy.

There’s no author whose books I look forward to more than Vaclav Smil. With his vast knowledge of science and energy, history and business, he brings new insights to every topic he examines.-Bill Gates

New Fiction Listens for April

Read by: Dara Rosenberg

The Fairy Godmother Agency has been operating without a need to change for centuries—until now. Why? Because Love is dying . . . Can the agency adapt to how love works in a modern world?

Read by: Neil Hellegers

New York Times bestselling author

Cormac and Amelia take a job at a quaint Victorian mountain lodge: keep an eye on the famous psychic there to judge whether the place is haunted. Simple, right? Three problems: the blizzard that snows everyone in for the weekend, the murdered body that shows up in the morning, and the fact that everyone is sure Cormac did it.

Read by: Cody Roberts

Nationally bestselling authors

A shocking wave of mass evictions triggers a national crisis, a media meltdown—and all-out war—in this explosive new thriller from the bestselling authors of Trigger Warning.

Read by: John Lee

Andrew Myers was wrongly convicted of killing his wife by slashing her throat. Finally freed, but not exonerated, he just wants a quiet life far from where the tragedy happened. He goes to work as a forester on an isolated estate in Yorkshire. But then a killer with the same trademark starts claiming new victims, and in the same area where Andrew has moved.

Read by: Caitlin Elizabeth

“Marissa Clarke is a master at mixing sexy and mystery.” ―Jennifer L. Armentrout, New York Times bestselling author

For the last five years, bookish Claire Maddox has been living for the dying. Now that her stint as caretaker is over, she’s off to see the world. She needs quick cash first, so a temp job at Anderson Auctions seems perfect, especially with the unexpected benefits, including the hottest man she’s ever laid eyes—or hands-on.

Read by: Monica King

New York Times bestselling author

Dillon Young is proud that she inherited her aunt’s ranch. The problem: someone is trying to run her off and is willing to do whatever it takes.

Read by: Lilly Drake and Curt Bonnem

USA Today bestseller

From fan-favorite Scarlett St. Clair, the bestselling author of the Hades & Persephone series comes a new fantasy filled with danger, darkness, and insatiable romance.

Read by: Zoleka Vundla

A sweeping adventure with richly evocative historical settings, The Deep Blue Between is a moving story of the bonds that can endure even the most dramatic change.

New Nonfiction Listens for April

Read by: Justin Price

Prize-winning biographer Elizabeth D. Leonard chronicles Benjamin Franklin Butler’s successful career in the law defending the rights of the Lowell Mill girls and other workers, his achievements as one of Abraham Lincoln’s premier civilian generals, and his role in developing wartime policy in support of slavery’s fugitives as the nation advanced toward emancipation.

Read by: Charles Constant

“This is the finest Roswell book ever . . . well told and utterly convincing.” ―Jerome Clark, bestselling author and editor of the International UFO Reporter

Witness to Roswell once again provides a “can’t put down” written account of what really transpired in Roswell decades ago. This anniversary edition includes a new introduction by the authors and additional material.

Read by: The author

“An excellent book demonstrating that there was far more to this exuberant and often horrifying period than is commonly realized.” ―The Times

In the latest volume of his celebrated series of Time Traveler’s Guides, Ian Mortimer turns to what is arguably the most-loved period in British history—the Regency, or Georgian England.

Read by: Julian Elfer

“Utterly brilliant.” ―The Guardian

This is a wild journey through nineteenth-century India and Afghanistan, with impeccably researched storytelling that shows us a world of espionage and dreamers, ne’er-do-wells and opportunists, extreme violence both personal and military, and boundless hope.

Read by: Rosemary Benson

“With its whimsy and discerning intellect, this radiates beauty.” ―Publishers Weekly

In Learning the Birds, we join Susan Fox Rogers as she becomes a birder and joins the community of passionate and quirky bird people.

Read by: Christopher Grove

“A truly delightful and much-needed journey into ‘myco-centrism’!” ―Giuliana Furci, founder

and CEO of the Fungi Foundation

A surprise-filled journey into science and human culture, this exciting and provocative book shows how fungi shape our planet and our lives in strange, diverse, and often unimaginable ways.

Read by: Erin deWard

“A warm, engaging, and practical guide to unwinding the binds of perfectionism.” ―Jennifer Kemp, MPsych, author of The ACT Workbook for Perfec[1]tionism

If you’re struggling with feelings of anxiety and stress, and suspect your perfectionism may be to blame, this guide will show you how to stop getting in the way of your own success, and live a life guided by your deepest values.

Read by: Leslie Howard

When the goddess culture was stolen and buried, so too were women’s rites of passage into our wild, intuitive femininity and maturity. With Maiden to Mother, Sarah Durham Wilson excavates these ancient rites, guiding us through a sacred and crucial initiation from the immature Maiden into the archetypal Mother—the powerful, safe, compassionate, full-bloom feminine life force that exists within all of us.

New Fiction Listens for March

Read by: Bill Andrew Quinn

“This fierce satire is both deeply troubling and rewarding.” ―Booklist Starred Review

An uncanny literary thriller addressing the painful legacy of lynching in the US, by the author of Telephone.

Read by: Matt Godfrey

His initiation complete, Leg knew he had to prove himself worthy of the gift his totem had given him. The boy was facing a long and difficult journey to dangerous lands. Meanwhile, those with eyes set on ruling the Northern Empire were also making their move.

Read by: Cindy Kay

“Tawada expands upon the themes of language, immigration, globalization, and authenticity which underpin this slyly humorous first installment of a planned trilogy.” ―Kirkus Starred Review

A mind-expanding, cheerfully dystopian new novel by Yoko Tawada, winner of the National Book Award.

Read by: Grant Cartwright

June 1945. Hitler has triumphed, Britain is under German occupation and America cowers under the threat of nuclear attack.

Read by: Stacy Gonzalez

“Instantly compelling.” ―School Library Journal Starred Review

One girl sets out on a journey across the treacherous Arizona desert to rescue a young pilot stranded after a plane crash in this gripping story of survival, friendship, and rescue from a bestselling and award-winning author.

Read by: Amy Landon

New York Times bestselling author

Laurel Snow wouldn’t call hunting a serial killer a vacation, but with a pile of dead bodies unearthed near her Genesis Valley, Washington, hometown, she’ll take what she can get. 

Read by: Bianca Drew

“I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can’t wait to see where it goes next.” ―Archaeolibrarian

Falling asleep for almost 300 years was never part of Pennrae’s plan. Of course, when you’re a mercenary with magical abilities and defy a spellbinding prophecy . . . bad stuff happens.

Read by: Nicole Poole

Set in the universe of Rory Thorne, this new sci-fi mystery follows an unlikely duo who must discover the motive behind an unusual murder.

New Nonfiction Listens for March

Read by: Keith Sellon-Wright

“An entertaining, essential cultural history.” —Jason Zinoman, New York Times bestselling author

Age of Cage is a smart, beguiling book about the films of Nicolas Cage and the actor himself, as well as a sharp-eyed examination of the changes that have taken place in Hollywood over the course of his career.

Read by: The author

From Khristi Lauren Adams comes Unbossed, a hopeful and riveting inquiry into the lives of eight young Black women who are agitating for change and imagining a better world.

Read by: Shaun Grindell

“An impressive biography of a key figure in the development of the British Empire.”—Jeremy Black, author of War for Empire

The first biography of Charles Cornwallis in forty years—the soldier, governor, and statesman whose career covered America, India, Britain, and Ireland.

Read by: The author

Small-town girl turned reality TV star Mackenzie McKee has grown up in front of the world as part of MTV’s hit reality shows 16 & PregnantTeen Mom 3, and Teen Mom OG. In her new memoir, Mackenzie proves there is more to her than what the glaring spotlight of fame has shown.

Read by: Brigid Lohrey

With humor and honesty, Girls on Film looks at the good, the bad, and the unfairly written women in film. A celebration of the power of cinema and the hidden messages within media and culture, this collection of personal essays explores the women who inspired and confused a young film enthusiast.

Read by: Eric Jason Martin

“Readers will be cooking with gas thanks to this fiery and insightful work.” —Publishers Weekly Starred Review

The obsessive mastermind behind one of the decade’s bestselling cookbooks returns with the definitive English-language guide to the science and technique of cooking in a wok.

Read by: Eva Wilhelm

“At once a love letter and a call to action, Overdue dispels mythology and demands a better future.” —Esquire Online

Pushing against hundreds of years of stereotypes, romanticization, and discomfort with a call to reckoning, Overdue will change the way you think about libraries forever.

Read by: Lisa Reneé Pitts

“Meticulous research and lively anecdotes combine to provide a powerful volume of social history.” —Kirkus Starred Review

A young listener’s edition of Candacy Taylor’s acclaimed book about the history of the Green Book, the guide for Black travelers.

New Fiction Listens for February

Read by: Paul Boehmer

12,090 AD. It is a dark time for the world. Humanity is just crawling out from under three hundred years of domination by the race of vampires known as the Nobility.

Read by: Hollie Jackson and Mason Lloyd

New York Times bestselling author

Ruby Dixon presents four Ice Planet Barbarian novellas.

Read by: Amanda Ronconi

It’s a new year in Winterspell . . . and a new mystery.

I’ve always wanted to meet a mermaid, but when I finally get my chance on New Year’s Eve, the circumstances are far darker than I’d imagined.

Read by: Roxelana Waters

USA Today bestselling author

Mika Ito combines her two favorite things in life—textile design and live-action role-playing (LARP)—by creating costumes for her fellow Magic Battledome gamers. Lately, someone’s been assaulting LARPers and stealing their costumes.

Read by: Abby Craden

A beautiful friends-to-lovers lesbian romance about taking risks and figuring out that sometimes the perfect person has been right in front of you all along.

Read by: Tina Wolstencroft and Cody Roberts

“A bittersweet symphony of heartbreak and self-awareness.” —Erin Hahn, author of You’d Be Mine and More Than Maybe

Ashley Schumacher’s Full Flight is about how first love shapes us—even after it’s gone.

Read by: Rachel L. Jacobs

New York Times bestselling author

Secondhand store owner Sarah Grayson and her inquisitive rescue cat, Elvis, will need to close the book on a killer in the newest installment of the Second Chance Cat Mystery series.

Read by: Mari

Welcome back to Kismet Cove as these star-crossed lovers fight to secure their destinies while confronting the issues in their personal lives that threaten to keep them apart forever.

New Nonfiction Listens for February

Read by: Gary Bennett

“Fans of Dateline will be interested in this work, which will likely only grow in popularity when the miniseries The Thing About Pam, starring Renée Zellweger, premieres in March 2022.” —Library Journal

The explosive, first-ever insider’s account of the case that’s captivated millions—the murder of Betsy Faria and the wrongful conviction of her husband.

Read by: Jonathan Yen

Extreme North is an icily bewitching panorama of the dreams and fears, the fascination and the danger of the snowy limits of civilization.” —Philipp Blom, author of Nature’s Mutiny

An entertaining and informative voyage through cultural fantasies of the North, from sea monsters and a mountain-sized magnet to racist mythmaking.

Read by: Rachel Perry

Based on the self-help classic, Stop Walking on Eggshells, this essential guide offers powerful skills and strategies for parenting a child of any age with borderline personality disorder (BPD)—without sacrificing their family or themselves.

Read by: L. Malaika Cooper

“Stephanie Rose Bird’s emotionally liberating text champions the syncretism of diasporic healing motifs while enhancing the potency of eclectic African-centered folklore.” —Mawiyah Kai EL-Jamah Bomani, author of the plays Spring Chickens and Crows Feet

This is a fabulous resource for anyone who wants to understand African American spirituality, shamanism, and indigenous spiritual practices and beliefs.

Read by: Shaun Grindell

New York Times bestselling author

Investigative journalist John Glatt tells the true story of the murder of Greg DeVillers.

Read by: Joe Hempel

Hosts Mike Kalinowski and Brad Gilmore team up in this comprehensive breakdown of the longest running film series in the history of cinema. In Bond, James Bond, they explore the cinematic history of the James Bond collection to celebrate everything it got right and reflect on everything it got wrong.

Read by: Neil Gardner

“As Dennis Duncan’s charming book shows, though today they suggest fusty libraries, indexes were once a novelty.” —The Economist

A playful history of the humble index and its outsized effect on our reading lives.

Read by: Chris Sorensen

“Brad Steiger’s book does an excellent—indeed, essential—job of setting the scene and providing a foundation of the facts as they were known at the time it was written.” —Whitley Strieber

An astonishing collection of stories of extraterrestrial abduction, time travel, and extraterrestrial sex.

New Fiction Listens for January

Read by: Jeffrey Kafer

A freelance reporter struggling to get into the “big time” . . . A rookie officer starting her career in public safety . . . A cargo ship captain trying to outlive a terminal illness that has no cure . . . A bounty hunter returning a long-hunted fugitive to Earth . . . A terrible plague that threatens to destroy the human race . . . The twenty-fifth century is not starting off very well.

Read by: Amy Melissa Bentley

USA Today bestselling author

Where the Crawdads Sing meets The Four Winds as award-winning author Donna Everhart immerses readers in a unique setting—a turpentine camp buried deep in the vast pine forests of Georgia during the Great Depression—for a captivating story of friendship, survival, and three vagabonds’ intersecting lives.

Read by: Sara Sheckells

Publishers Weekly bestselling author

Lynette Eason is back with another high-octane tale of close calls, narrow escapes, and the fight to bring a nefarious criminal to justice.

Read by: Carly Robins and Emily Durante

New York Times bestselling author

Curse weaver Kennedy Bennett has resettled into her beloved hometown and opened a shop selling previously hexed antiques. When she fails to win an online auction for a notoriously cursed painting, Aiden Connolly—the wealthy and swoon-worthy luck worker she is not dating—swoops in to buy it for her.

Read by: Brian Holden

The cycle of dragons has changed Ashan. Now he must use it to save the kingdom.

Read by: Grace Grant

New York Times bestselling author

I love Dash Black, but he terrifies me. I believe he feels the same about me. And I’m not sure where that leaves us or what comes next.

Read by: Corey M. Snow

Modern times. Genius physicist Artyom Kuchaev found himself facing the darker side of the world we live in. Integrity is met with a laugh, the rat race instead full of people out to grab whatever they can.

Vasily Mahanenko’s new LitRPG series set in the universe of his World of the Changed!

Read by: Kirsten Potter

New York Times bestselling author

Ava has always been different. She lives a very isolated life until she is offered a job with an obscure network that aids powerful Immortal Guardians in their quest to protect humanity from the psychotic vampires who prey upon them.

New Nonfiction Listens for January

Read by: Shaun Grindell

“A white-knuckle page-turner.” –Publishers Weekly Starred Review

In The Doomsday Mother, bestselling true crime author John Glatt tells the twisted tale of Lori Vallow, accused of having her two children murdered to start a new life with her new husband, doomsday prepper Chad Daybell.

Read by: Terrence Kidd

“A vivid history revealing the extraordinary bravery and crucial roles of blacks in the American military.” –Kirkus

In this enlightening account, Michael Lee Lanning explores African Americans’ crucial part in military history over two centuries, beginning in the Revolutionary War and stretching to recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Read by: Christopher Douyard

“A thought-provoking exploration.” –Olivia Judson, author of Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation

An urgent plea for a broader understanding and awareness of the unconsidered dangers of new genetic technologies.

Read by: The authors

“A wonderfully engaging blend of wit, enthusiasm, clarity, and knowledge.” –Bill Bryson

Both rigorous and playful, The Complete (Short) Guide to Absolutely Everything is a celebration of the weirdness of the cosmos, the strangeness of humans, and the joys and follies of scientific discovery.

Read by: Christina Delaine

“An intimate and deeply moving meditation on trauma, healing, hope, and the criminal justice system . . . a must-read.” –Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Sensitive, singular, and powerful, effortlessly bridging memoir, essay, and legalese, The Uninnocent is a reckoning with the unimaginable, unforgettable, and seemly irredeemable.

Read by: Sara Sheckells

“A memoir, a legal thriller, and a heartening perspective on law enforcement at its best and brightest.” –Kirkus Starred Review

Insider details from the takedown of Backpage, the world’s largest sex trafficker, by the prosecutor who led the charge.

Read by: Suzanne Toren

“This book was written more than 40 years ago and the woman it deals with lived more than 170 years ago, but the story of Rahel Varnhagen survives the passage of time.” –The New York Times

Rahel Varnhagen: The Life of a Jewish Woman is the biography of a remarkable, complicated, troubled, passionate woman, an important figure in German romanticism.

Read by: Michael Butler Murray

International bestseller

Teach Like a Champion 3.0 is the long-awaited update to Doug Lemov’s highly regarded guide to the craft of teaching. This book teaches you how to create a positive and productive classroom that encourages student engagement, trust, respect, accountability, and excellence.

New Fiction Listens for December

Read by: Gildart Jackson

National bestselling series

Alex Verus must keep his friends close—and his enemies closer—in the epic conclusion to the bestselling urban fantasy series about a London-based mage.

Read by: Mason Lloyd and Felicity Munroe

New York Times bestselling author

Crulden the Ruiner is the name of a fierce gladiator who’s broken the rules . . . and broken anyone that approaches. It’s my name.

Read by: Stephanie Rose and Nelson Hobbs

From the New York Times bestselling author of Forever My Girl: The Motion Picture, Heidi McLaughlin delivers a contemporary romance that will leave you dancing in the end zone!

Read by: Amy Landon

New York Times bestselling author

When Ella is mysteriously attacked on her way home from a party, her entire life changes as she finds herself at the center of an attempted murder investigation.

Read by: David Shih

“Stellar . . . a flawless blend of police procedural and fair-play detection.” —Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Detective Galileo, Keigo Higashino’s best-loved character from The Devotion of Suspect X, returns in Silent Parade, a complex and challenging mystery—several murders, decades apart, with no solid evidence.

Read by: Tatiana Sokolov

USA Today bestselling author

Charlene Hartnady presents the much-awaited sequel to the bestselling Chosen by the Vampire Kings.

Read by: Joe Hempel

Fists, fangs, and fury. It’s all a matter of balance when Jimmy Black, Charlotte’s Vampire Master of the City, is tasked with discovering why a mostly bloodless, decapitated body shows up in a dumpster. 

Read by: Rachel Woods

New York Times bestselling author

Finally out of rehab and desperate for a fresh start, Wyatt rejoins his mega-platinum rock band Shaken Dirty as they prepare for their world tour. But Wyatt’s demons are never far behind, always nipping at his heels for one. More. Fix.