New Fiction Listens for December

Read by: Gildart Jackson

National bestselling series

Alex Verus must keep his friends close—and his enemies closer—in the epic conclusion to the bestselling urban fantasy series about a London-based mage.

Read by: Mason Lloyd and Felicity Munroe

New York Times bestselling author

Crulden the Ruiner is the name of a fierce gladiator who’s broken the rules . . . and broken anyone that approaches. It’s my name.

Read by: Stephanie Rose and Nelson Hobbs

From the New York Times bestselling author of Forever My Girl: The Motion Picture, Heidi McLaughlin delivers a contemporary romance that will leave you dancing in the end zone!

Read by: Amy Landon

New York Times bestselling author

When Ella is mysteriously attacked on her way home from a party, her entire life changes as she finds herself at the center of an attempted murder investigation.

Read by: David Shih

“Stellar . . . a flawless blend of police procedural and fair-play detection.” —Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Detective Galileo, Keigo Higashino’s best-loved character from The Devotion of Suspect X, returns in Silent Parade, a complex and challenging mystery—several murders, decades apart, with no solid evidence.

Read by: Tatiana Sokolov

USA Today bestselling author

Charlene Hartnady presents the much-awaited sequel to the bestselling Chosen by the Vampire Kings.

Read by: Joe Hempel

Fists, fangs, and fury. It’s all a matter of balance when Jimmy Black, Charlotte’s Vampire Master of the City, is tasked with discovering why a mostly bloodless, decapitated body shows up in a dumpster. 

Read by: Rachel Woods

New York Times bestselling author

Finally out of rehab and desperate for a fresh start, Wyatt rejoins his mega-platinum rock band Shaken Dirty as they prepare for their world tour. But Wyatt’s demons are never far behind, always nipping at his heels for one. More. Fix.

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