Picks of the Week-March 28

Spring has sprung! We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to listen to all of the new audiobooks releasing this month!

We understand that at times it could be a challenge narrowing down your next listen, so we had our acquirers narrow down a few of their top picks for you.

Tink and Wendy

Told in three alternating perspectives—past, present, and excerpts from a book called Neverland: A History, written by Tink’s own fairy godmother—this queer adaptation is for anyone who has ever wondered if there might have been more to the story of Tinker Bell and the rest of the Peter Pan legend.

Note: Who really is Tinker Bell, and do we know her whole story? This queer reimagining of the classic, Peter Pan, brings an unexpected love triangle to life with humanity, complexity, and a little bit of magic.  – Sonia Brand-Fisher

Publishing Date: 3/29/2022

Written by: Kelly Ann Jacobson

Read by: Eleanor McCormick

The Leopard

K. V. Johansen presents Book 2 in the Gods of Caravan Road series. Contains mature themes.

Note: The winner of Italy’s prestigious Strega Prize for Fiction, this controversial novel is an essential work of 20th-century literature. – Greg Souza

Publishing Date: 03/29/2022

Written by: Giuseppe Di Lampedusa

Read by: Paul Woodson

You Can Run

Rebecca Zanetti presents Book 1 in the Laurel Snow series.

Note: A new romantic suspense series from NYT bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti, narrated by the talented veteran narrator, Amy Landon – this is a combination that can’t go wrong! – Jenn Eschrich

Publishing Date: 3/29/22

Written by: Rebecca Zanetti

Read by: Amy Landon

Taking Charge of Adult ADHD, Second Edition

From renowned ADHD researcher/clinician Russell A. Barkley, this is the book for you. Dr. Barkley takes you through the process of seeking professional help, addresses frequently asked questions about medications and other treatments, and offers a wealth of advice and tips—all science-based.

Note: Updated edition of the long-time bestseller.  A must-have for yourself or someone you know that may have, or thinks they have Adult ADHD.  Dr. Barkley offers new step-by-step strategies for overcoming challenges in specific areas, such as relationships, parenting, work, money management, and driving.  This book is the go-to for anyone looking for clinically proven advice on how to manage adult adhd.

Publishing Date:  3/29/2022

Written by: Russell A. Barkley, PhD

Read by: William Sarris

The Space Between

When it comes to conversations around politics and religion, it’s obvious we have a problem. The Space Between Us is for people who want to be part of a solution.

Note: A coming of age story, of two girls in high school that help find each other. Sarah, an unsure of herself, shy girl, who dresses in all black and doesn’t have any friends. Harper, the most popular girl in the school who takes one look at Sarah and can’t stop thinking about her. Despite the odds these two become a friendship duo until Sarah realizes that her feels might run deeper than friendship with Harper. – Jordan Spellman

Publishing Date: 3/29/22                         

Written by: Michelle L. Teichman

Read by: Abby Craden

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