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TantorGives! Walk to End Homelessness

By Deborah Fleet, Audio Proofreader (MLIS)

As a kid, I remember pouting when not getting my way,  tying up some cookies, and small toys in an old bandana and tying it to a long stick, pretending to be a hobo and “running away.” I played outside a long time, then when I wanted to go back in the house, my mother had locked me out.

“I thought you were running away?” my mother said.

“I was just playing.” I said.

She unlocked the door, and let me come back home.

artformastheadNLHHSFor many, the door is closed. Homeless people are standing outside the door, and most often, nobody is letting them in. Locally, the New London Homeless Hospitality Center is opening the door for those who need it most. TantorGives! is partnering with them to help stamp out local homelessness, and lend a helping hand.

The mission of TantorGives! is to provide opportunities to give back to the community through fun, charitable initiatives, and to foster a spirit of teamwork and volunteerism among Tantor employees. Last year we held bake sales, gathered school supplies, and holiday gifts for needy children, supported individual causes and joined many other events.

Team Tantor is comprised of employees and family members who join together for various causes. This time, it is to fight homelessness. We invite you to join TantorGives! logoTeam Tantor at the 9th annual Walk to End Homelessness on Sunday, April 24, at 2 p.m. in New London. The walk benefits the New London Homeless Hospitality Center. Last year, the event had 250 walkers and raised more than $9,000. It’s a 2-mile walk over easy terrain. Consider joining us at Team Tantor, and help raise funds for this important cause.

Follow this link to support Team Tantor and the 9th annual Walk to End Homelessness 2016.

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TantorGives! to Support the Wounded Warrior Project

By Deborah Fleet, Audio Proofreader (MLIS)

Tantor Media and its employees recently formed an advisory committee called TantorGives! logoTantorGives! The mission of TantorGives! is to provide opportunities to give back to the community through fun, charitable initiatives, and to foster a spirit of teamwork and volunteerism among Tantor employees. TantorGives! has formed Team Tantor, comprised of employees and family members who will run or walk in support of the 5th annual Spartyka Wounded Warrior 5K at Bluff Point State Park in Groton, CT, on May 16, 2015. TantorGives! will match funds raised by Team Tantor, and you can back our walkers and runners in support of the Wounded Warrior Project here .

The committee members of TantorGives! were inspired to support and promote the Wounded Warrior Project due to Tantor’s publication of  Once a Warrior—Always a Warrior, by Charles W. Hoge, MD, narrated by John Pruden. This book is essential for anyone who has returned from a war zone, as well as for spouses or family members navigating the transition from combat to home.

As an audio proofreader, I have also read/listened to the following two books that reflect related aspects that impact the United States veteran. The first is War Dogs,  by Rebecca Frankel, narrated by Tanya Eby (2014). Military dogs are given well-deserved credit for their refined sense of smell and innate seek and rescue skills, which have resulted in saving the lives of thousands of men and women in the military. These same dogs suffer similar issues that our men and women do when returning home, while providing a loving cushion to the troops in the brutal horrors of war. Beautifully written, War Dogs wins the listener into becoming pro-canine, and a supporter of military working dogs. The second is American Reckoning, by Christian G. Appy, narrated by Sean Runnette (2015). This outstanding narration gives an account of the impact of the Vietnam War on our nation, its identity, and people, as well as the military, through movies, song, popular media, commentary, and how it affected American culture.

To our nation’s military force and veterans and their families, Tantor Media would like to say thank you for your service.

Don’t Call Us Dumbo Media!!

Tantor LogoWelcome! Welcome to the Tantor Media blog!

Often we are asked, what is up with the elephant?!?! Well, Tantor takes its name from the elephant in Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the first audiobook title we published. Elephants have giant ears and we do audiobooks and we all know an elephant never forgets! So it all fell into place perfectly with our desire to bring listeners unforgettable unabridged audiobooks.

Tarzan of the ApesThrough this blog we plan to bring you exciting author/narrator interviews, first chapter previews, staff picks, giveaways, exciting looks at upcoming titles, and anything else we can come up with to share more about us and our love of audio.

We told you our first audiobook was Tarzan of the Apes; now we’d love to know what your first audiobook was. Leave a comment telling us your first audiobook and be entered to win a download of your choice from One (1) lucky winner will be chosen at random from the comments. The winner will be chosen on Tuesday, May 12.