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Ellery Adams and Karen White Discuss the Books by the Bay Mystery series


By Karen White

Karen White, narrator of Ellery Adams Books by the Bay series, recently had a few questions for the author. Read on to find out some interesting facts about the author, her processes, the series, and even her take on audiobooks!

Author Ellery Adams
Author Ellery Adams

Dixie! What a character!  Is she completely sprung from your imagination or was there a human inspiration?  You describe her movements so clearly it makes me feel like you must have seen someone of her stature skate around inside a diner somewhere!  (And I was kind of sad she was not around for most of this book – though I made her voice a little bit difficult to do, so I was also kind of relieved.)

Dixie is totally fictitious (though there are times she seems so real to me that I can imagine her skating around my kitchen). I was a big fan of the movie Xanadu when I was a kid and later, of the play, Starlight Express. Dixie brings all the flair and color of those stories—and on roller skates!

You mix some real life events into these books. For instance (p.11) a crewman on the ferry to Palmetto Island tells Olivia about the lady that was killed in a boating accident at the Quarantine Pad. I remember when this happened a couple years ago, since I live quite close by.  How do news events like this work their way into your stories? And might there be some shark attacks coming in future books since they were the big news in coastal NC this past summer?!

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Exclusive Interview with Shane Gericke author of The Fury

By Pat Davis

Author Photo
Author Shane Gericke

Today we talk with Shane Gericke, author of The Fury, released on September 4th in print, eBook, and audiobook by Tantor Media. The Fury weaves a multi-layered web that entangles the Deepwater Horizon disaster, global terrorism, Mexican drug cartel kingpins, Adolf Hitler, human experimentation, cops, robbers, and a brave Chicago policewoman who risks her life to stop a madman. Shane, thank you for joining us today!

It’s a pleasure to be here. I’m delighted with the extraordinary effort Tantor invested in publishing The Fury. From cover design to editing to interior maps to the narration of the audiobook, this ride is an author’s dream come true. Talking about it here is a privilege.

The Fury has been endorsed by David Morrell (author of First Blood, which introduced the iconic character “Rambo”) and Steve Berry (author of The Amber Room and the Cotton Malone series). They are two of the best—and bestselling—writers in the thriller genre, and they both chose to endorse The Fury. Your reaction?

Pure admiration and gratitude. Not only did Steve and David enthusiastically endorse The Fury, they spent a fair amount of time showing me a subtle, but crucial, way to refine my writing style, which elevated the book from “Well done” to “Un-put-down-able!” That was an extraordinary gift, because top-ten international bestselling authors are swamped with their own work demands. The thriller community has a lot of heart.

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