Picks of the Week-April 20

April is the perfect time to pick up a new audiobook featuring our talented authors and narrators. We understand that at times it could be a challenge narrowing down your next listen, but don’t worry. Our acquirers have selected some of their top picks for you.


Hex Life

Brand-new stories of witches and witchcraft written by popular female fantasy authors, including Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Caine, and Sherrilyn Kenyon writing in their own bestselling universes.

Note: Fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Rachel Caine, and Kelly Armstrong will love this collection of witchy, haunting stories. Dust off your broomstick, light your candles, and get ready for some dark reading. -Aaron Piccirillo

Publishing date: 4/28/2020

Edited by Rachel Deering and Christopher Golden

Narrated by Amy McFadden



Dead of Winter

Melissa Pearl and Anna Cruise present Book 1 in the Aspen Falls series.

Note: A little bit mystery, romance, and a lot of women’s crime fiction this one is great for fans of Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown. Rosie is on the run from her drug dealer ex and decides the only place to hide is Aspen Falls, somewhere she never thought she’d step foot in again. -Jordan Spellman

Publishing date: 4/28/2020

Written by Melissa Pearl and Anna Cruise

Narrated by Meghan Kelly



On Eden Street

Peter Grainger presents Book 2 in the Kings Lake Investigation series.

Note: In his newest detective novel, Grainger’s intricate characters and stunning mystery will satisfy fans old and new. -Kara Boucher

Publishing date: 4/28/2020

Written by Peter Grainger

Narrated by Gildart Jackson



Edge of the Map: The Mountain Life of Christine Boskoff

Edge of the Map traces the sharp twists and turns in Christine Boskoff’s life, from her early years as a Lockheed engineer, through her first successes in the climbing world, to her purchase of Seattle-based Mountain Madness after owner and climber Scott Fischer was lost in the 1996 Everest disaster.

Note: Edge of the Map is an inspirational and stirring adventure story based on the Life of Christine Boskoff. Remembered as the premiere female high altitude climber, Christine’s love of mountains took her to earth’s greatest heights and earned her global recognition. This book follows her steps from early climbs in the Rockies to her eventual disappearance in the Himalayas and the search and rescue effort that captivated the world. -Nick Pouliot

Publishing date: 4/28/2020

Written by Johanna Garton

Narrated by Emily Durante

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