Picks of the Week- June 8

June is finally here, which means we will be spending more time outside and will need something new to listen to of course! We understand that at times it could be a challenge narrowing down your next listen, but don’t worry. Our acquirers have selected some of their top picks for you.


American Pandemic: The Lost Worlds Of The 1918 Influenza Epidemic

American Pandemic offers a much-needed corrective to the silence surrounding the 1918 influenza outbreak.

Note: A haunting account of the deadliest pandemic in recorded history and how it was quickly forgotten in the American mind soon after.  Many of the stories featured prove eerily similar to those happening during the current ongoing crisis. –Scott Smith

Publishing date: 6/9/2020

Written by Nancy Bristow

Narrated by Karen White


Winds of Wrath

Taylor Anderson presents Book 15 in the Destroyermen series.

Note: The 15th book in the Destroyermen series delivers all the expected action and suspense that the series is known for! Fifteen books in, and Anderson continues to surprise and delight with his riveting alternate history series! –Ron Formica

Publishing date: 6/9/2020

Written by Taylor Anderson

Narrated by P.J. Ochlan


A Wicked Snow

Gregg Olsen presents a must-listen supernatural thriller.

Note: Award-winning author and NYT bestselling author Gregg Olsen’s first-ever novel is now finally coming to audiobook format. With an excellent narration by Audie Award-nominated narrator Karen Peakes, this novel will scare you, and you’ll love it. –Ashley Fortier

Publishing date: 6/9/2020

Written by Gregg Olsen

Narrated by Karen Peakes


Twenty Palaces: A Prequel

Harry Connolly presents Book 1 in the Twenty Palaces series.

Note: In the exciting prequel to the Twenty Palaces series, we explore the origins of title character Ray and his descend into the mysterious underbellies of the paranormal underworld. Filled with magic, mystery, and suspense, this book will lead you on a thrilling ride. –Kristen Hummel

Publishing date: 6/10/2020

Written by Harry Connolly

Narrated by Daniel Thomas May

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