Picks of the Week-July 20

Summer is in full swing, which means we will be spending more time outside and will need something new to listen to of course! We understand that at times it could be a challenge narrowing down your next listen, but don’t worry. Our acquirers have selected some of their top picks for you.


The Amazon: What Everyone Needs to Know

The Amazon: What Everyone Needs to Know® offers an engaging overview of this irreplaceable ecosystem and the challenges it faces.

Note: Is your Instagram travel board growing larger every day as travel takes a backseat to health and safety? Then take this time to learn about an amazing place. Author Mark J. Plotkin and narrator David Colacci will take you on a journey through the Amazon, where you’ll learn all about the flora, fauna, indigenous tribes, and the conservation efforts at work to save this beautiful and earth-supporting ecosystem. -Jenn Eschrich

Publishing date: 7/21/2020

Written by Mark J. Plotkin

Narrated by David Colacci


Rare Earth

Rare Earth is a gritty, science-fiction thriller and debut novel about an unconventional hero and second chances.

Note: Fans of Arthur C. Clarke will find much to love in this debut hard sci-fi novel by Kurt Allan. -Greg Souza

Publishing date:7/28/2020

Written by Kurt Allan

Narrated by Derek Shoales


Total F*cking Godhead: The Biography of Chris Cornell

The first comprehensive biography of iconic singer-songwriter Chris Cornell.

Note: The definitive biography of legendary singer-songwriter Chris Cornell.  This book thoroughly chronicles the life story and prolific output of one of the greatest and most influential singers of all time. -Scott Smith

Publishing date:7/28/2020

Written by Corbin Reiff

Narrated by Michael Butler Murray


The Toddler in Chief

In The Toddler-in-Chief, Drezner takes listeners through the different dimensions of Donald Trump’s infantile behavior, from temper tantrums to poor impulse control to the possibility that the President has had too much screen time.

Note: Daniel W. Drezner delves into the behaviors of our “Toddler-in-Chief,” documenting the myriad ways in which the president has been described, in many instances by his own allies, as infantile and immature. Along the way we see just what sort of effect this is having on American democracy, policy, and culture. -Aaron Piccirillo

Publishing date:7/28/2020

Written by Daniel W. Drezner

Narrated by Peter Berkrot


The Shadow Club

Neal Shusterman presents Book 1 in the Shadow Club series.

Note: The Shadow Club begins with innocent practical jokes, but when someone frames the club for a dangerous trick that leads to the serious injury of the school track star, the club will have to find the true perpetrator to clear their names. -Ashley Fortier

Publishing date:7/28/2020

Written by Neal Shusterman

Narrated by Brian Holden

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