Picks of the Week-Sept 14

Can you believe it’s already almost fall? We can’t, but we do believe that there are endless audiobooks still to explore. We understand that at times it could be a challenge narrowing down your next listen, but don’t worry. Our acquirers have selected some of their top picks for you.


The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers’ Big Book of Farty Facts

Do you secretly think farts are not only funny but fascinating? Then you should listen to this gas-powered encyclopedia about the windy and wacky science, history, and art of musical gas! Makes a perfect gag gift or bathroom listen.

Note: 2020 has been a stressful year for parents and children alike, so take an hour out of your day to listen to The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers’ Big Book of Farty Facts with your middle-grader. You’ll both learn startling facts about the smellier parts of life and have loads of laughs! -Jenn Eschrich

Publishing Date: 9/22/2020

Written by: M.D. Whalen

Narrated by: Peter Berkrot


The Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal

An engaging conversation with our most respected public intellectual around how a global Green New Deal has the potential to save humanity and the planet.

Note: Noam Chomsky and Robert Pollin make the case for transitioning to a green economy, showing that it is still possible to create a better world for future generations despite the growing threat of climate change. -Aaron Piccirillo

Publishing Date: 9/22/2020

Written by: Noam Chomsky, Robert Pollin

Narrated by: James Patrick Cronin



Terri Anne Browning presents Book 1 in the Angels Halo MC Next Gen series. Contains mature themes.

Note: What happens when a motorcycle club princess and a town sheriff get together? The perfect recipe for disaster is created! So when Lexa, daughter of the President of Angels Halo MC returns home from college for the summer and meets Ben, the local lawman, you can bet your tailpipe drama hits. Ben can’t seem to stay away from Lexa, nor does he want to, as she’s the only one that calms the storm brewing inside him. Even though he doesn’t care who she is and what she’s a part of, the feelings aren’t mutual for shy, yet fierce, Lexa. There are concerns about Ben and where his loyalties lie. With her dad running the MC they don’t need the Sheriff sniffing around their business. Will Lexa stop keeping Ben away and finally let him in? Find out in the first book in Angels Halo MC Next Gen by Terri Anne Browning. -Jordan Spellman

Publishing Date: 9/22/2020

Written by: Terri Anne Browning

Narrated by: Tina Wolstencroft & Erik Bloomquist


Shadow’s Messenger

T. A. White presents Book 1 in the Aileen Travers series

Note: New suspenseful series from author T.A White, we follow investigator Aileen Travers as she navigates the dark underworld of the paranormal and finds who her true enemies and allies are. -Kristen Hummel

Publishing Date: 9/22/2020

Written by: T. A. White

Narrated by: Natasha Soudek


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