Picks of the Week-Aug 2

Summer isn’t over just yet. That means there is still plenty of time for sitting pool and beachside, road trips, and of course, audiobooks! We understand that at times it could be a challenge narrowing down your next listen, so we had our acquirers narrow down some of their top picks for you.

Bigfoot Hunters

R. Gualtieri presents Book 1 in the Tales of the Crypto-Hunter series.

Note: Rick Gualtieri is back with another thrilling novel of myths and legends, that you don’t want to miss! When Harrison and his friends visit a campsite in Colorado for some fun and adventure, they get more than they bargained for. They soon learn that Sasquatch is real and the woods where they are hold many secrets. Harrison decides that they need to team up with a reality show, who’s filming in the area, if they all want to survive the woods. If you are fans of Steve Alten’s, The Loch Series then you definitely want to read Bigfoot Hunters, book one in the Tales of the Crypto-Hunter series by R. Gualtieri! – Jordan Spellman

Publishing Date: 8/3/21            

Written by: R. Gualtieri

Read by: Stephen Dexter

Alone in the Woods

Charly Cox presents Book 3 in the Detective Alyssa Wyatt series.

Note: Detective Alyssa Wyatt is back in a race against time to save two girls from a brutal murderer. Fans of Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh will love the third book in Charly Cox’s thrilling series!- Maddy Collins

Publishing Date: 8/3/21

Written by: Charly Cox

Read by: Kate Zane

Mussolini’s War

A remarkable new history evoking the centrality of Italy to World War II, outlining the brief rise and triumph of the Fascists, followed by the disastrous fall of the Italian military campaign.

Note: John Gooch surveys the Italian role in World War II, prior to the war and right through to Mussolini’s fall. Many books have been written on the German war experience, but Gooch’s new book is sure to become a definitive text on Fascist Italy. – Aaron Piccirillo

Publishing Date: 8/3/21

Written by: John Gooch

Read by: Bruce Mann

The Boat of a Million Years

New York Times Notable Book and Hugo and Nebula Award Finalist: This epic chronicle of ten immortals over the course of history “succeeds admirably” (The New York Times).

Note: An all-new production of a Poul Anderson classic: fans of classic sci-fi need to check out The Boat of a Million Years. – Greg Souza

Publishing Date: 8/03/2021

Written by: Poul Anderson

Read by: Keith Sellon-Wright

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