Picks of the Week-July 19

Summer is here! That means plenty of hours sitting pool and beachside, road trips, and of course, audiobooks! We understand that at times it could be a challenge narrowing down your next listen, so we had our acquirers narrow down some of their top picks for you.

The Doctor Wore Petticoats: Women Physicians of the Old West

Despite the dire need for medical help, it seemed most trappers, miners, and emigrants would rather suffer and die than be treated by a female doctor. With a determination and strength of spirit that resonates even today, the incredible women profiled in The Doctor Wore Petticoats are sure to inspire.

Note: If you were ever a fan of “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” then this book is just for you! Chris Enss highlights the real stories of early women physicians in the Old West who fought against prejudice and hardships to be taken seriously in their professions, and as women overall. — Lindsey Wood

Publishing Date: 7/27/21

Written by: Chris Enss

Read by: Janet Metzger


Tal Bauer presents a must-listen political thriller novel. Contains mature themes.

Note: The author of The Murder Between Us and Hush, has another thriller/suspense story coming to audio. Set in the early 2000’s, right after 9/11, Kris is a member of the CIA team set to finding and stopping Osama Bin Laden. After failing, he is brought to the ground in Afghanistan, where he meets Special Forces Sergeant David Haddad. When a botched mission rips David from Kris’s life, Kris’s world starts to fall apart and for David when he finally dose come home, he’s someone entirely different. You don’t want to miss, Whisper, a political thriller by Tal Bauer.- Jordan Spellman

Publishing Date: 7/27/21

Written by: Tal Bauer

Read by: John Solo

A History of Evangelism in North America

A History of Evangelism in North America guides listeners on a tour through circuit riders and tent meetings to campus evangelism and online ministries.

Note: Editor Thomas Johnson has pulled together the voices of respected leaders and passionate scholars of evangelism in A History of Evangelism in North America. This single volume history is perfect those seeking a clear vision of the guiding principles and methodologies of prominent American evangelistic ministers. From the circuit rider ministries of the early republic to the camp meetings of the 19th century that sparked the 2nd Great Awakening and the Abolition movement to Billy Graham and a new generation of evangelist in the 21st century, A History of Evangelism in North America is a foundational text for those who study Christian history and the church in North America. – Nick Pouliot

Publishing Date: Jul 27, 2021

Written by: Edited by Thomas Johnson

Read by: Christopher Grove

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