Picks of the Week-August 16

Summer isn’t over just yet. That means there is still plenty of time for sitting pool and beachside, road trips, and of course, audiobooks! We understand that at times it could be a challenge narrowing down your next listen, so we had our acquirers narrow down some of their top picks for you.

A Brief History of Motion

From the bestselling author of A History of the World in 6 Glasses, an eye-opening road trip through 5,500 years of humans on the go, revealing how transportation inevitably shapes civilization.

Note: Not just for automotive or transportation enthusiasts! As Standage has previously done with food and communication, here he uses the seemingly specific topic of motion to expose a larger history of society including how we respond to change.  – Jenn Eschrich

Publishing Date: 8/17/21

Written by: Tom Standage

Read by: Liam Gerrard

Murder in Canaryville

Murder in Canaryville sheds light on the cold-case murder of John Hughes, the son of a Chicago Outfit member suspected of pulling the trigger, and the efforts of a determined detective to unravel a cover-up.

Note:  True crime fans have a gem on their hands this month.  Listen to Shawn Compton narrate the story of Chicago detective James Sherlock unraveling a long covered-up murder with connections to the Chicago Outfit, corrupt police, and the city government.  Full of twists and turns, this book brings a once well-known, but long forgotten investigation, back to life.- Dan Totten

Publishing Date:  8/24/2021

Written by:  Jeff Coen

Read by:  Shawn Compton

The Sweetest Surrender

Stephanie Nicole Norris presents Book 8 in the Falling For A Rose series. Contains mature themes.

Note: The swoon-worthy next installment in Stephanie Nicole Norris’s Falling for A Rose series. A perfect end of summer read for one last heat wave. – Ashley Fortier

Publishing Date: 8/24/2021

Written by: Stephanie Nicole Norris

Read by: Leon Nixon and Mari

Altered State

Tom Lowe presents Book 3 in the Elizabeth Monroe series.

Note: In the third book in his Elizabeth Monroe series, author Tom Lowe presents a mystery that is unlike other cases the forensic psychology professor Elizabeth Monroe has consulted on before. Here she must examine the subconscious mind to unearth a killer with a troublingly criminal mind. – Lindsey Wood

Publishing Date: 8/31/21

Written by: Tom Lowe

Read by: Eliza Foss

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