Picks of the Week- June 27

Summer is officially here! We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to listen to all of the new audiobooks releasing this month!

We understand that at times it could be a challenge narrowing down your next listen, so we had our acquirers narrow down a few of their top picks for you. Roadtrips, poolside, or beachside? We’ve got you covered!

Age of Bronze

Jez Cajiao presents Book 2 in the Rise of Mankind series.

Note: Jez Cajiao’s Rise of Mankind series continues in another fast-paced epic fantasy full of conflict inside and out. – Greg

Publishing Date: 06/28/2022

Written by: Jez Cajiao

Read by: Neil Hellegers

The Return of the Russian Leviathan

In this book, Sergei Medvedev argues that this new wave of Russian nationalism is the result of mentalities that have long been embedded within the Russian psyche.

Note: The Return of the Russian Leviathan is for anyone looking to understand contemporary Russia and its relationship to both its neighbors and the West. But this is not simply a history of Russia, it is an exploration of the psyche and motivations of a political regime rooted in a nostalgia for empire.- Aaron Piccirillo

Publishing Date: 6/28/22

Written by: Sergei Medvedev

Read by: Christopher Douyard

The World’s Greatest Detective

Caroline Carlson, author of the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates series, returns with The World’s Greatest Detective, a story of crime, tricks, and hilarity for those who know that sometimes it takes a pair of junior sleuths to solve a slippery case.

Note: When a detective is found murdered before Hugh Abernathy’s crime-solving contest for all of Detective’s Row, two amateur sleuths step up to try to crack the case. The problem is, Toby is not a very good sleuth, and his friend Ivy isn’t allowed in the elite circle of high-ranking investigators. Will they be able to solve what comes to be known as the World’s Greatest Mystery? Young fans of Nancy Springer and Trenton Lee Stewart will enjoy the twists, turns, and surprises of The World’s Greatest Detective. – Sonia Brand-Fisher

Publishing Date: 6/28/2022

Written by: Caroline Carlson

Read by: Kitty Kelly

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