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Picks of the Week-Nov.2

The holiday season is upon us! Let’s celebrate with discovering new audiobooks. We understand that at times it could be a challenge narrowing down your next listen, but don’t worry. Our acquirers have selected some of their top picks for you.

The Last Giants: The Rise and Fall of the African Elephant

In The Last Giants, Levison Wood teams up with local trackers to gain insight into how this iconic species survives, camps out in the wild, meets the people and tribes living on the migration’s path, and joins the park rangers whose job it is to protect these land goliaths.

Note: Our company’s mascot and namesake is Tantor, the African elephant from Tarzan, so it would be amiss not to highlight THE LAST GIANTS. Travel writer, Levison Wood, has previously taken us to the Himalayas, Arabia, the Americas, and the Nile, and now turns from the landscape to the living to teach us about these beautiful creatures. Narrated by the author.  -Jenn Eschrich

Publishing Date: 11/3/20

Written by: Levison Wood

Read by: Levison Wood

Closer Than Blood

Gregg Olsen presents Book 2 in the Waterman and Stark series. Contains mature themes.

Note: The exciting follow-up to Victim Six in the Waterman & Stark mystery series. Follow Detective Kendall Stark as she hunts down a murderer with two faces. -Ashley Fortier

Publishing Date: 11/3/20

Written by: Gregg Olsen

Read by: Corey M. Snow

Let’s Get Free: A Hip-Hop Theory of Justice

Drawing on his personal fascinating story as a prosecutor, a defendant, and an observer of the legal process, Paul Butler offers a sharp and engaging critique of our criminal justice system.

Note: Author of Chokehold: Policing Black Men, Paul Butler presents a progressive and modern observation of discrimination in the criminal justice system. Butler intertwines the lyrical commentary in hip hop that exposes the excessive punishment and police brutality marginalized communities face. Let’s Get Free compels with the musical testimony of hip hop artists and engages the listener to contemplate a corrupt system. -Desiree Lynch

Publishing Date: 11/03/2020

Written by: Paul Butler

Read by: Leon Nixon

Aurora’s Angel

Lambda Literary Award Winner: Aurora’s Angel is a blend of action, adventure, and slow-burn romance centered around shapeshifters, set in a vivid fantasy world. Contains mature themes.

Note: For fans of Eliza Andrews, this exciting debut by fantasy author Emily Noon takes us on a fantasy thrill ride filled with action, adventure, and romance. -Kristen Hummel

Publishing Date: 11/3/2020

Written by: Emily Noon

Read by: Abby Craden