Picks of the Week-March 29

Well hello there, Spring! The temps are getting warmer and the birds are chirping. It’s the perfect time to start listening to a fresh new find while you go exploring or do your spring cleaning. We understand that at times it could be a challenge narrowing down your next listen, so we had our acquirers narrow down some of their top picks for you.

Valcour:  The 1776 Campaign That Save the Cause of Liberty

The wild and suspenseful story of one of the most crucial and least known campaigns of the Revolutionary War when America’s scrappy navy took on the full might of Britain’s sea power.

Note:  Before he famously became a turncoat, Benedict Arnold was perhaps the best strategic officer in the Colonial Army.  This is the story of one the most impressive and exciting victories he had a hand in, and  brings to light an important, yet little-known, naval battle from the American Revolution.  Strap in and listen to Jack Kelly’s riveting account! -Dan Totten

Written by:  Jack Kelly

Read by:  David Colacci

Publishing Date:  4/6/2021

The Psychology of Notorious Serial Killers

Applying personality theory to more than a dozen of the most notorious serial killers in modern history, the mystery surrounding their crimes begins to unravel. Contains mature themes.

Note: “An engaging dive into the personality theory behind the most notorious serial killers and the mystery surrounding their crimes. A must have companion to the Serial Killer Whisperer for professionals to true crime enthusiasts alike.” -Ashley Fortier

Written by: Todd Grande, PhD

Read by: Charles Constant

Publishing Date: 4/6/21

The Flipside of Perfect

A heartfelt, fun, and romantic novel about balancing who we are with who we’re expected to be, perfect for fans of Jenna Evans Welch, Morgan Matson, and Jenn Bennett.

Note: Adelaide Beloise Jepson works hard to keep her two lives very, very separate: AJ, the perfect older sister  and high-school student who follows all the rules, and Delia, a free-spirited younger child with no cares. But when her summer is crashed by her younger sister, she is forced finally embrace her whole self and realizes perfection might not be all it’s cracked up to be. Reminiscent of Morgan Matson, The Flipside of Perfect is the perfect sweet, springtime read! -Kelly Srubas

Written by: Liz Reinhardt

Read by: Amy McFadden

Publishing Date: 4/6/21

And We Came Outside and Saw the Stars Again: Writers from Around the World on the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this rich, eye-opening, and uplifting anthology, dozens of esteemed writers, poets, artists, and translators from more than thirty countries send literary dispatches from life during the pandemic.

Note: What would we do without the power of shared experience during the COVID-19 pandemic? In this moving anthology, global voices speak to their realities of living through what we are all still living through. Listen to the words of Jhumpa Lahiri, Eavan Boland, Daniel Alarcon, Ariel Dorfman, Wu Ming-Yi, and others as they confront and navigate a world in lockdown. Within each offering is an opportunity for collective healing from over a year of isolation, uncertainty, and upheaval of our daily lives. As we look forward with hope to a brighter future, these stories validate our pain, challenge our assumptions, and remind us of our resilience.    -Sonia Brand-Fisher

Written by: edited by Ilan Stavans

Read by: Raechel Wong

Publishing Date: 4/13/2021

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