Picks of the Week-April 12

Well hello there, Spring! The temps are getting warmer and the birds are chirping. It’s the perfect time to start listening to a fresh new find while you go exploring or do your spring cleaning. We understand that at times it could be a challenge narrowing down your next listen, so we had our acquirers narrow down some of their top picks for you.

Terminal Boredom

The first English language publication of the work of Izumi Suzuki, a legend of Japanese science fiction and a countercultural icon.

Note: A highly anticipated collection from Izumi Suzuki, a Japanese icon and science fiction legend. Suzuki explored gender issues and the dangers of attachment to technology decades ago, and her themes would be echoed in future works from Neuromancer and The Handmaid’s Tale to Black Mirror and Ex Machina. Perfect for fans of Haruki Murakami, George Saunders, and Philip K. Dick. This collection marks her English-language debut. -Aaron Piccirillo

Publishing Date: 4/20/21

Written by: Izumi Suzuki

Read by: Cindy Kay

Why Knowledge Matters: Rescuing Our Children from Failed Educational Theories

In Why Knowledge Matters, influential scholar E. D. Hirsch, Jr., addresses critical issues in contemporary education reform and shows how cherished truisms about education and child development have led to unintended and negative consequences.

Note: Why Knowledge Matters challenges traditional (and outdated) school curriculum and its negative impact on young learners. E.D. Hirsch, Jr. asserts that underdeveloped curriculums that do not keep students of disadvantaged backgrounds in mind are not supporting their full potential. This title is crucial for passioned educators looking to adopt teaching practices that are accessible to students of all backgrounds and learning differences. -Desiree Lynch

Publishing Date: 4/27/2021

Written by: E.D. Hirsch, Jr.

Read by: BJ Harrison

A Tale of Stars and Shadow

Lisa Cassidy presents Book 1 in the Tale of Stars and Shadow series.

Note: For the reader seeking a new fantasy series to sink into – look no further! Lisa Cassidy has created a world of intrigue with daring fights, redemption and magic that will be sure to entertain.-Lindsey Wood

Publishing Date: 04/27/21

Written by: Lisa Cassidy

Read by: Danielle Cohen

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